Joining New sites

In the last month I have joined some sites that have proved to be very useful to me in connecting with other Teacher Librarians. OZTL-net has been great with lots of questions and answers also Karen Bonanno site has been useful so far for Library Management issues and also Professional learning. I also discovered This site was a god send especially when having some disasters with stocktaking. Both of my scanners died during stocktaking, I even tried to have wires re soldered but to no avail. The system crashed and the data was corrupted. My admin assistant and I had to re-enter by hand loads of books. this was very distressing as the TL on extended long service leave about to retire ran a very tight ship. I have realised however that I do more collaborating with teachers and have made the library a comfortable learning environment, even if I don’t get all of the blinds lined up evenly every day and I allow the students to play games on the computers other than Mathletics- the only game that was allowed!

I am involved with the team organising the GATS classes, one in year 7 and one in year 8. I enjoy working with the teachers and students during their bookings in the library. The admin staff who have now retired found these classes very distressing as the students worked in pairs and there was a level of what I called productive noise that they found unacceptable. They would have been happy to have no computers with students silently reading books!

The principal is very happy with the changes in the library, it is being used more extensively by students, we have moved computers all into one area rearranged furniture a number of times to create a more efficient use of space and created a number of separated areas for reading. The GA laughs at me and tells me that people have wanted some changes for a while and I have come in and made them happen. He checks up on what I’m up to as we have put up new shelving and removed alot of filing cabinets and other furniture that was not useful. He has also managed to find me the things need.

I have just recently read “Designing the Learning Environment” by Susan La Marca which has me thinking of some other changes I could make. I have enjoyed all of the readings in ETL401 and am looking forward to the many challenges that being a TL has to offer.


About tanialibraryquest

I am a drama/ history teacher and have just started a Masters of Education Teacher Librarian. I have been involved extensively in the arts, mostly in dance and theatre. I have worked in community theatre through federal arts funded projects and also worked with Ausdance National at National Youth Dance Festivals. I have worked in schools as an "outside professional", and decided to complete and Grad Dip Ed. I was very keen to work in drama in schools but have since gained a number of blocks as teacher librarian. I enjoy the dynamic nature of the work, team teaching, collaborating, management and developing relationships with students who access the library. I have done some renovating and re-organising of teaching areas. I am having a crash course in Oasis library catalogue and also technology! Looking forward to the masters and all it has to offer!
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2 Responses to Joining New sites

  1. bhs says:

    Hi Tania,

    I left a reply for the Premier’s Reading List on Oasis Library Blog. You should be able to see your library’s list via ‘My library’ on your portal.
    You don’t seem to have a sign up widget on you blog. Good luck if you are studying. I did the same course at CSU.
    Bega High

    • Thanks for that John. I did work it out eventually, sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. I have found study and full time work a major adjustment, but it is good to be studying again. I am hoping that I can become a full time library teacher when the position for this job comes up.

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