Roles of the Teacher Librarian

It seems as though the teacher librarian, like all teachers, have many roles to fulfill. The teacher librarian as well as administrative tasks has to teach, understand information literacy, collaborate with teaching and executive staff and also promote a welcoming environment for students and staff to use before school, during class time, during recess and lunch and on occasions after school.

I have a number of students with autism who are regulars in the library, and also other students who feel vulnerable in the playground. I have helped teachers with classes in the library and also put together resource boxes for particular lessons. I wasn’t aware of the need for librarians to work as collaboratively with teachers ensuring that information literacy skills were taught across the school emphasising an inquiry process.

I have developed lesson plans for history as a Grad Dip Ed student using IGASAR model. It was to run over a 4 week lesson period. I also developed lessons using Blooms and Multiple Intelligences matrix. The use of inquiry models was taught as the main method of instruction (also PEEL & SPELT models) including using inclusive methods being aware of gender, race, multiculturalism and socio-economic status. I have been surprised since teaching at schools that inquiry models are not utilised more. I thought that it was something that would be developed within faculties. ICT in education was also a required subject.

I can understand why librarians may be a catalyst for collaboration with teachers to develop guided inquiry sequences as they have access to resources, understanding of information technology and the benefit that two heads are always better than one, using individuals strengths to  develop engaging lessons for students.

I really enjoyed the short video’s posted by Anna on her blog, opinions from various teachers on the role of the TL

I found them all inspiring, the idea of Pathways reminded me of a couple, friends of mine who are indigenous performers. They describe themselves as ground breakers and bridge builders. They have done alot of work in schools, telling stories, painting stories and dancing stories (different forms of literacy).

I have done a couple of blocks in a library in a high school and have approached some teachers with resources, some don’t always like to be approached. I guess you break ground where you can build bridges and create pathways!!!


About tanialibraryquest

I am a drama/ history teacher and have just started a Masters of Education Teacher Librarian. I have been involved extensively in the arts, mostly in dance and theatre. I have worked in community theatre through federal arts funded projects and also worked with Ausdance National at National Youth Dance Festivals. I have worked in schools as an "outside professional", and decided to complete and Grad Dip Ed. I was very keen to work in drama in schools but have since gained a number of blocks as teacher librarian. I enjoy the dynamic nature of the work, team teaching, collaborating, management and developing relationships with students who access the library. I have done some renovating and re-organising of teaching areas. I am having a crash course in Oasis library catalogue and also technology! Looking forward to the masters and all it has to offer!
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