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Everyone loves a good video, right?  I especially love coming across videos that find a way to teach good content in an entertaining way.

Each fall, I spend 9 class periods with my freshman students teaching them about web evaluation and advanced search techniques.  In an attempt to make it more meaningful, I tie it into their Science Fair projects.

But let’s be real.  Web evaluation and advanced searching can be super-dry and super-boring for freshman.  Heck, by the time I’m on my 5th class of the day, it’s super-boring for me, too!

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About tanialibraryquest

I am a drama/ history teacher and have just started a Masters of Education Teacher Librarian. I have been involved extensively in the arts, mostly in dance and theatre. I have worked in community theatre through federal arts funded projects and also worked with Ausdance National at National Youth Dance Festivals. I have worked in schools as an "outside professional", and decided to complete and Grad Dip Ed. I was very keen to work in drama in schools but have since gained a number of blocks as teacher librarian. I enjoy the dynamic nature of the work, team teaching, collaborating, management and developing relationships with students who access the library. I have done some renovating and re-organising of teaching areas. I am having a crash course in Oasis library catalogue and also technology! Looking forward to the masters and all it has to offer!
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