Bush tucker trees could yield new harvest in carbon trading – ABC Kimberley WA – Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Could enrichment planting of a harvestable crop of bush foods in the bush be a carbon scheme model? A Kimberley bush food planting project could be used as a national model, especially on Aboriginal lands.


Tree planting as a means of earning money for soaking up carbon has remained one of the potential winners – and a Kimberley project that plants out a marketable bush food amongst the native bush is being looked at closely as a model in the carbon trading scheme.

For some years now Broome based horticulturalist Kim Courtenay has been working with Aboriginal groups on the Dampier Pensinsula and at Bidgyadanga to establish a Gubinge industry.

Gubinge, a Nyul Nyul word commonly used to describe the green bush plum, is also called Kakadu or Billygoat Plum. It occurs across Northern Australia and the green bush plum has one of the world’s highest known concentrations of Vitamin C. The fruit, a traditional bush tucker, is used fresh in conserves, drinks or cooking, or dried and put into health products and cosmetics.

Some Aboriginal families are having success in growing Gubinge on their blocks or traditional lands, to enhance the annual wild harvest.

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Source: www.abc.net.au

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